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In mathematics, space is defined as a boundless, three-dimensional continuum where objects can have relative positions, directions and size or in a general way, it can be defined as an interval of time.

But, we are curious, what does space mean to you?

Expand on your definition of Space as an artist in collaboration with two other artists, at our second International Collaborative Biennale. Collaborate with other artists to create art, objects and artifacts representing space in your life.

Space is Collaborative Art Space’s second International Collaborative Art Biennale, in collaboration with Tasmai, a Centre for Art and Culture.

The very first one at the end of 2021, saw 33 national and international artists create 66 artworks on the idea of “pandemic memories – experiences related to lockdown 2020 – 2021”. 

Recap collage of 2021

This year too, three artists from vastly different backgrounds come together to create three different physical or digital artworks ( in any medium) celebrating the spirit of creative collaboration

Additionally, there will also be an opportunity for artists to collaborate with each other through Public Art in a physical space in Pondicherry through mural, sculpture, installation & performance.

Call for Artists

The project is an international collaboration open to artists from any country as long as they are above 18 years. Please read more about the project before filling the application form.

The application form does not guarantee your participation in the project. 

For participation in multiple mediums, separate applications must be made for each.

Only those shortlisted from the applications will be able to participate in the collaboration.

Application Deadline: 10 July 2023

Documents needed to fill application form:

  1. Front facing close-up photo (Size < 1 MB) – only image* files to be attached
  2. Scanned copy of Address Proof (Size < 1 MB) – only image* files to be attached
  3. 5 photos of recent (last 3 years) work samples with title, size & medium mentioned (Size < 10 MB, each) – for artists applying to public wall art, attach images of wall art, installation or murals you have worked on(if available).
  4. Brief statement on your personal profile with background (Word limit: 900 characters) – to be written in the space given in the form

    *JPG images only


  • A virtual exhibition on Kunstmatrix, also shared on our website.
  • A physical exhibition at Tasmai Gallery, Pondicherry.
  • A permanent gallery on our website.
  • Opening ceremony and walkthrough of the physical exhibition, uploaded on our youtube.
  • Public art wall executed in Pondicherry & art wall photographs will be uploaded on the website and on Kunstmatrix exhibition.

How It All Works

Stage 1:

Interested artists fill the application form, available here.

Stage 2:

From all applicants, a pool of artists are shortlisted for the collaboration.

To confirm their participation, shortlisted artist must pay a participation fee of INR 1000/-

Stage 3:

After the final list is confirmed, artists will be divided into groups of three.

Work can finally begin.

Stage 4:

Each artist will create four works – one independent work which will be posted directly to the gallery, and three collaborative artworks.

Each artist will start with working on their individual art and on one collaborative work to be posted to the next artist.

After the 2nd artist has finished, it will proceed to the 3rd artist, and finally after the 3rd artist has completed it will be sent to the gallery.

For example:

start artist 1 -> send artist 2 -> send to artist 3 -> send to the gallery
start artist 2 -> send artist 3 -> send to artist 1 -> send to the gallery
start artist 3 -> send artist 1 -> send to artist 2 -> send to the gallery


  • Subject: Space
  • Medium: Pure Digital/ Techspressionist Art – 300 dpi OR Any medium / Mixed media
  • Size: Within A4 size that is 21 cm x 29.7 cm.(Outer shape of the work can be of any creative shape, it need not adhere to the regular rectangle format)
  • Registration Fee: INR 1000/- (Only to be paid by selected artists)
  • Age Limit: 18+
  • National or International postal expenses involved to and fro will be borne by the artist. Kindly package the artwork in such a way to ensure no damage & use tracked post, so it stays under vigilance.
  • The group will be responsible for completion of the art work and sending it for the exhibition.
  • Artists have to send the image of the work by email to us before sending it to the next artist along with courier details. The Digital/ Techspressionist artist will be marking cc to us while sending the work’s image to the next artist.
  • Once the project has started, the artist will not be allowed to change the medium.
  • Each artist will mention their name in sequence behind or on side of the artwork along with the date.
  • Please note that there are two framing options at Tasmai Art Gallery to be paid by the artist
    • New framing
    • Or, rented framing depending on availability for the said work
  • Regarding printing of Digital art, artists have to send the archival print of the artwork or we can print the same on semi archival/ good quality print only for display to  be paid by the artist.
  • Sale Guidelines
    • Artist and Organiser/Gallery split will be 70:30, as in the artist will receive 70% and 30% will go to the Organiser/Gallery.
    • Physical artwork, prints of physical artwork and prints of wall art will be directly sold from Gallery.
  • The Public Art Wall
    • For the collaborative public art wall, the selected artists must travel to Pondicherry where they will work with two other artists to create and execute their artwork. 
    • Style and size of the artwork will be organic. 
    • (As of yet) All the expenses of travel, stay ,and food will be borne by the participant.
    • Further details will be updated shortly.


Timeline for Digital Art and Mix Media Art (Physical)
  1. Last date for submission of application form: 10th July 2023
  2. Announcement of shortlisted artists: 11th July 2023
  3. Last date for payment: 13th July 2023, 11:59PM
  4. Announcement of groups: 15th July 2023
  5. Starting date of project: 16th July 2023
  6. Date for mailing the image by 1st Artist to 2nd Artist: 25th July 2023
    (Postal transit time 25th July to 10th Aug)
  7. Date for mailing the image by 2st Artist to 3rd Artist: 20th August 2023
    (Postal transit time 20th Aug. to 5th Sept)
  8. Submission of the final artwork image to Collaborative Art Space and physical artwork to Tasmai Gallery Puducherry, India: 15th September 2023, till 11:59 a.m.
    (Postal transit time 15th Sept. to 1st Oct)
  9. Date of Exhibition will depend on receiving the artwork from international artists. Will announce the final date by the end of August. Tentative dates for the exhibition is inauguration on Saturday 14th October up to 30th October.
Timeline for Art Wall
  1. Last date for submission of application form: 10th July 2023
  2. Announcement of shortlisted artists: 17th July 2023
  3. Last date for payment: 19th July 2023, 11:59PM
  4. Announcement of groups: 21st July 2023
  5. Starting date of project layout and proposal: 22nd July 2023
  6. Submission date for layout and proposal: 2nd August 2023
  7. Working time : Tentatively from 15th to 30th October 2023

The Curators

The Biennale is co-curated by artists, Kirti Chandak and Malavika Mandal Andrew.

Kirti Chandak Photo

Kirti Chandak was born in 1971 in Nasik, Maharashtra. Her home town is Igatpuri, and she came to Pondicherry at the age of two with her family.

She graduated from the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, then went on to do her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Art at Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan, West Bengal, and master of Fine Arts from Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda, followed by a short stint at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

She re-settled in Pondicherry in 2000, was instrumental in starting the Shilpataru Foundation in 2006 – a platform for artists. She is also the founder director of TASMAI, a Centre for Art & Culture which was jointly started with her family in 2013.

Kirti is currently a freelance artist, curator, and art teacher at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education and Lycée Français International in Pondicherry.
Nature plays an important role in Kirti’s works and life. She started off as a landscape artist then moved to a more figurative style, and now there seems to be a harmonious connect that she strikes between the two. Her works are loaded with
story, symbolism and deeper philosophical meaning.

She explores several mediums
and believes that depending on the theme the medium is revealed to her and she uses whatever the concept demands.

Kirti Chandak has always through art reached out to wider causes such as solid waste management, environmental awareness, public beautification, empowerment
through developing hand skills, and making art and creativity the basis of self-transformation, education, work and life itself. She believes that beauty has the
power to uplift and transform us and the planet too!



Malavika Mandal Andrew Photo

Malavika Mandal Andrew (b.1971) is an artist whose practice includes mix media, digital collage and digital art, tapestry and other fibre art. She received her Bachelors of Fine Art in Textile Designing in 1993 and her Masters of Fine Art in Textile and Tapestry 1995 from Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan.

During her time at Kala Bhavana she was awarded the National Scholarship by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development and did her training under Riten Mozumdar. In 2012 the artist was awarded “The Pollock Krasner Foundation” grant under which she worked with Warli artists from Talasari, Maharashtra to create mix media paintings.

​In 2021, Malavika became the first Indian artist to be listed in the Techspressionist Artist Index.

In August 2021, she founded Collaborative Art Space, an international art organization that conducts collaborative art projects wherein groups of artists work together to collaboratively create art.

She has participated in numerous solo & group, national & international shows. She also conducts offline & online workshops.

Born and brought up in the lush valley of Haridwar, the artist now makes the crawling metropolis of Mumbai her home.