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Collaborative Art Space presents, International collaborative art project and online exhibition, Emotions.

Work with a person close to you to create collaborative artwork exploring emotions. The people working together in a group can be anyone and anybody to each other. Friends or family, grandparents or younger siblings, can even be student and teacher.

It is open to all artists working in any medium (painting, printmaking, digital, sculpture, video art, music, poetry, prose, dance, tapestry) above the age of 15.

Prize money of INR 10,000 will be given to two winning groups.

All participants will be provided a digital certificate of participation.

Register now – Application Form

Process of Work

Stage 1: Collaborative teams of two must be made by artists themselves before filling the application form. Interested teams fill the application to participate. One form will contain space to fill details of both the artists.

Stage 2: From all applicants, a pool of artist teams will be shortlisted to participate. Shortlisted artist, to confirm their participation, must pay a participation fee of INR 1500/- each. Thus, in all, one team will pay INR 3000/-.
    Students (with valid school ID cards) and senior citizen (valid Aadhaar cards or Voter ID cards) will get a 50% discount on the fee. 

Stage 3: Work finally begins.
Each group will create two collaborative artworks.
Each artist will start with working on one collaborative artwork to be transferred to the next artist.
Finally, after completing, it will submit to Collaborative Art Space. Process breakdown for collaborative artworks –
start artist 1 → transfer to artist 2 and update CAS → submit to CAS
start artist 2 → transfer to artist 1 and update CAS → submit to CAS

Selection of Winners

  1. Winners will be decided on the basis of likes.
  1. Once a group submits their artworks, the artworks will be uploaded on our website and voting will be carried out for a period of time. 
  1. After the voting period, the two artworks with the most likes will be chosen as the winning artworks and the respective teams as the winning teams.
  1. Each winning team will be awarded Rs.10,000/- 


  1. Subject: Emotions
  1. Medium: Visual arts such as painting, printmaking, digital art, sculpture etc. or performing arts such as video art, music, poetry, dance, etc.
  2. Format & Size:  
    1. Physical artworks: A4 size, high-quality scanned image (300dpi)
    2. Digital paintings, models: A4 size, 300dpi
    3. Sculpture or tapestry: high-quality photograph (300dpi)
    4. Poetry/Prose: 
      1. 2-minute video performance, less than 100 MB
      2. PDF file of the writing
    1. Dance: 2-minute video performance, less than 100 MB
    2. Audio or video: under 100 MB and less than 2 minutes long
  1. Participation Fee: INR 1500/- each (Only to be paid by selected artists, non-refundable)
  1. Eligibility:  15+ years
  1. A document outlining the research, techniques used and process of development explanation is compulsory for exhibiting the artwork. If required, the open file can be called by the Collaborative Art Space.
  1. Plagiarized artwork (eg. Painting, photography, music, writing etc.) will not be allowed to display in the exhibition. In case plagiarized or copyrighted work is found amongst submitted art, the artwork will not be displayed, and no refund will be provided.
  1. The completed high-resolution image should be uploaded in the art submission form along with necessary information by the 10 December 2022. 
  2. Sales Guidelines:
    1. Potential buyers need to contact the artist directly for sales. All sales related communication will happen directly between buyers and sellers.
    2. CAS is not liable in any case regarding the sale of artworks, successful or not successful.
  3. In September 2023, an online virtual exhibition will be held via a virtual art gallery featuring the artworks created during all the projects we will be conducting from now till September 2023.
    If you want your artworks created during Emotions 22 to be displayed in the exhibition, you can do so by registering your team and paying a fee of Rs.500(for each artwork)during the registration period next year.
  4. Note: We will be using photographs from the exhibition and work in progress photos to keep in our record and use in our publicity and social media. In case you don’t want us to use yours, please inform us before starting the project.

Documents needed to fill application form

For each artist in the group:

  1. Front facing close-up photo (Size < 1 MB) – only image* files to be attached
  2. Scanned copy of personal ID (Size < 1 MB) – only image* files to be attached
    Valid: Aadhaar card or Voter ID or School ID (only for students)
  3. 5 photos of recent (last 3 years) work samples with title, size & medium mentioned (Size < 10 MB, each)
  4. Brief statement on your art practice (Word limit: 900 characters) – to be written in the space given in the form

    *JPG images only


  1. Last date for submission of application form: 05 November 2022
  2. Announcement of shortlisted artists: 10 November 2022
  3. Last date for payment:  13 November 2022, 11:59PM
  4. Announcement of groups: 16 November 2022
  5. Starting date of project: 20 November 2022
  6. Date for mailing the image by 1st Artist to 2nd Artist: 30 November 2022
  7. Submission of the final artwork image to Collaborative Art Space: 10 December 2022, till 11:59 a.m.
  8. Date of Exhibition: 20 December 2022 to 19 January 2023