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Collaborative Art Space presents the fourth edition of our interschool techspressionist/digital collaborative art project & exhibition for young artists.

Two artists between ages 14 – 18, from different schools/junior colleges/colleges will work together to create two artworks on the theme of “dreams”.

For our fourth edition also, the project will have two different work batches, one in April-May and another in July-August for young artists to collaborate and create. Artists can choose the batch that suits their comfort.

The exhibition for the work created during both the batches will be displayed together in an online exhibition held early September on the website & on Kunstmatrix.

Along with that all the artwork will be presented in the project & exhibition e-catalogue.

Last date of application for batch 1 is 25 April 2024.

Register now – Application Form

How it Works

  1. Registration:
    • Interested schools/junior colleges/colleges register.
    • Online link for the application form is sent to the schools/junior colleges/colleges.
    • All interested students fill the form & choose the batch they want to work.
  2. Selection & Pairing:
    • From all applicants, a pool of artists based on their work and their batch will be shortlisted for the collaboration.
    • To confirm their participation, shortlisted artists must pay a participation fee of INR 500.
    • After confirmation of participation, artists will be divided into groups of two. Work can finally begin.
  3. Working Period:
    • Each artist will create three works – one independent artwork which will be emailed directly to the gallery/organizer, and two collaborative artworks.
    • Each artist will start with working on their individual artwork and on one collaborative artwork to be posted to the next artist.
    • The second collaborative work will be the artwork received from the 2nd artist. Finally, after completing, it will be mailed(email) to the organizer.
    • Process breakdown –
      Start artist 1 → send to artist 2 → send to the gallery
      Start artist 2 → send to artist 1 → send to the gallery 

Understanding Techspressionist Art

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process. Over the years with the pandemic and change in work and education policy, we have increasingly confined ourselves in our homes. Thus, the ability of digital objects to cross the bounds of space and reach the other side of the world almost free of cost has become a tether to keep us sane.

Digital art as an extension emerged as a champion with no size limits, ability to experiment without added costs and ease of use. Thus, Collaborative Art Space: Not Yet Decided on pushing digital art to the forefront to foster creativity, collaboration and artistic development.

Specifically, we use the term Techspressionist art to describe digital art leaning into the idea of using technology as a means to express emotional experience.

Techspressionism, coined in 2011 by artist Colin Goldberg to describe his “intersection of technology and abstraction.”, is introduced as a new art-historical term to describe fine artists using digital technology to convey subjective, emotional content


  1. Subject: Dreams
  1. Medium: Digital/ Techspressionist Art – still image / video art
  2. Format & Size: Within A3 size with 300 dpi
  1. Participation Fee: INR 500/- each (Only to be paid by selected artists after selction is final, non-refundable)
  1. Age:  14 to 18 years (school/junior college/college student)
  1. The collaborative pair will be formed by Collaborative Art Space, with two students of different schools working together.
  2. Once the work batch is selected, the artist cannot change it.
  3. A document outlining the research, techniques used and process of development explanation is compulsory for exhibiting the Digital artwork. If required, the open file can be called by the Collaborative Art Space.
  4. Plagiarized artwork will not be allowed to display in the exhibition. 
  5. The  pair and their respective schools will be responsible for completion of the art work and for sending the image.
  6. The completed high-resolution image should be mailed to by the 27 May 2024 for batch 1 and 31 August 2024 for batch 2 with both the artist’s name on the white margin area for the exhibition.
  7. Sales Guidelines:
    • Sold artwork will be printed on Archival Paper/Canvas along with an authenticity letter. 
      An example of Archival Paper/Canvas is, Hahnemühle’s Fine Art paper which is a high quality, lignin and acid free paper with aging resistance beyond 100 years and excellent print quality featuring rich contrast, high pictorial depth and outstanding reproduction of detail or canvas.
    • On the occasion of sale of the artwork, after deducting the archival print cost from the division of sale account will be as follows:
      30% organizers & the rest 70% will be equally divided amongst the two parties in case of collaborative art. In case of individual work, the 70% goes undivided to the artist.
  8. Note: We will be using photographs from the exhibition and work in progress photos to keep in our record and use in our publicity and social media. In case you don’t want us to use yours, please inform us before starting the project.

Documents needed to fill application form

For each artist in the group:

  1. Front facing close-up photo (Size < 1 MB) – only image* files to be attached
  2. Scanned copy of personal ID (Size < 1 MB) – only image* files to be attached
    Valid: Aadhaar card or Voter ID or School/Junior College/College ID
  3. 5 photos of recent (last 3 years) work samples with title, size & medium mentioned (Size < 10 MB, each) – at least 3 must be digital
  4. Brief statement on your art practice (Word limit: 900 characters) – to be written in the space given in the form

    *JPG images only

Timeline: Batch 1

  1. Last date for submission of application form: 25 April 2024
  2. Announcement of shortlisted artists: 28 April 2025
  3. Last date for payment: 30 April 2024, 11:59 PM
  4. Announcement of groups: 1 May 2024
  5. Starting date of project: 4 May 2024
  6. Date for mailing the image by 1st Artist to 2nd Artist: 16 May 2024
  7. Submission of the final artwork image to Collaborative Art Space: 27 May 2024, till 11:59 a.m.
  8. Date of Exhibition: 8th September 2024 to 28th September 2024 [tentative]

Timeline: Batch 2

  1. Last date for submission of application form: 31 July 2024
  2. Announcement of shortlisted artists: 2 August 2024
  3. Last date for payment: 04 August 2024, 11:59PM
  4. Announcement of groups: 06 August 2024
  5. Starting date of project: 8 August 2024
  6. Date for mailing the image by 1st Artist to 2nd Artist: 20 August 2024
  7. Submission of the final artwork image to Collaborative Art Space: 31 August 2024, till 11:59 a.m
  8. Date of Exhibition: 8th September 2024 to 28th September 2024 [tentative]

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Techspressionist art?
    Techspressionism is an artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience. It can also refer to a 21st-century artistic and social movement. You can read more about it on the it’s wikipedia page, Techspressionism – Wikipedia .
  2. Is 100% digital compulsory for techspressionist interschool art projects?
    No, it can be a mix of digital, photographs and physical. 
  3. Do we need to send the physical artwork/print to Collaborative Art Space?
    No, you do not.
  4. Can we make our own groups for collaboration?
    No, collaborative art space will make the pairs or groups.
  5. Does everyone have to make the payment?
    No, only artists that have been selected and finalized have to pay the participation fee.
  6. Is video art acceptable for techspressionist art?
    Yes, it’s absolutely valid.
  7. What formats are acceptable for video art?
    We accept MP4 files only. 
  8. What are the restrictions for video art?
    All video art needs to be under 100 MB in MP4 format. Dimensions can be chosen by the artists. 
  9. Can we use pre-made illustrations, vectors, motifs from databases of the software we are using or from online databases?
    No, it is not allowed. You can use your own original pre-made art if you wish to.
  10. Both Individual and collaborative work will be on the same topic?
    Yes, both will have to be on the same topic. 
  11. What will the young artists be getting from this project?
    A wonderful experience, a platform of exhibition on Kunstmatrix for one month & permanent display on website. Every one will get an participation certificate & best five will receive a trophy and a certificate.
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