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Community Art Project for 2024 is back!

Cozy art picnics under the sun.
A community coming together, finding joy & building harmony while creating pieces of art.

Collaborative Art Space’s Community Art Project, will have individuals living, studying or working in a community – a building, a society, a locality or an institution (school, college, companies or organizations) – collaborate with each other to create an environmentally friendly art piece.


The community art project brings together people from various walks of life who share a space and spend time in it to create an environmentally friendly art piece that must be at least 50% made out of waste material.  

Each community must submit a proposal beforehand denoting what they plan to do, the materials they plan to use & the team members. Only after the approval of the proposal can the work move forward.

A great chance for the institutions (school, college), where teachers and students can collaborate to create artwork .

Applications are open until 12 February 2024 and will processed on rolling basis. The online exhibition showcasing the work will be held in March.

Prize money of INR 15,000/- will be given to one winning group. The next two best groups will get free entry in next year’s event.

All participants will be provided a digital certificate of participation.

An e-catalogue will be made featuring all the artworks created during the project.

Application Form

Application Form

Selection of Winners

  1. Winners will be decided on the basis of votes and judges opinion.
  2. Once a group submits their artworks, the artworks will be uploaded on our website and voting will be carried out for a period of time.
  3. Votes will be counted by comments and views.
  4. After the voting period, winners will be announced → 30% votes & 70% judges.

Artwork Details

  1. The creation must be at least 4ft by 4ft.
  2. Theme: Chosen by the community
  3. Type: painting, relief, tapestry or sculpture.
  4. Material used should be at least 50% waste material.

Participation Details

  1. Age of the participants must be 14+
  2. There should be at least 5 people in a group & all must live, study or work in the community. The maximum number of people allowed in a team is 8.
  3. Community: building, society, colony or locality, school, colleges, NGO’s or related organizations, companies.
  4. Each group will submit the name of a project leader through whom the main communication will happen.
  5. Participation fee: INR 3000/- per group, to be paid by groups on after selection
  6. For groups belonging to communities such as schools, colleges, old age homes or NGO’s a 50% discount will be valid. 
  7. The application form must be submitted with a project proposal. No form without the proposal will be valid, and will be considered. 

Project Proposal Details

  1. A project proposal must be submitted with the application form, which will include:
    • A brief overview of the project
    • Details of execution
    • Material* list with images (at least 50% material must be waste material)
    • Rough sketches**
    • List of participants, with their age
  2. Participating communities will be finalized on the basis of this document
  3. For communities such as schools, colleges, old age homes or NGO, the name of the participants should be on the letterhead of the institution or organization in order to avail the discount.
  4. Winners of last year’s event, who have free entry this year need to attach the certificate from previous year given to them in order to avail the discount.

* Material can change between the proposal and the actual execution of the project. In that case kindly inform Collaborative Art Space with necessary details. But the % of waste material used, 50%, cannot change. 

**There may be changes in the final art piece. Please inform Collaborative Art Space in case of any changes.


  1. Plagiarized artwork will not be allowed to display in the exhibition. In case plagiarized or copyrighted work is found amongst submitted art, the artwork will not be displayed, and no refund will be provided.
  2. Each group must send in-progress photos of the work (just the work and with all involved artists) they are doing.
  3. The completed high-resolution image should be uploaded in the art submission form along with necessary information by the 24 February 2024.
  4. Sales Guidelines:
    • For prints: The sale of prints will be conducted through Collaborative Art Space. After deduction of cost of printing, the money will be split 30-70 as in 30% will go to Collaborative Art Space & 70% will go to the artist.
    • For physical artwork: Potential buyers will need to contact the artist directly for sales.
      • All sales related communication will happen directly between buyers and sellers.
      • CAS is not liable in any case regarding the sale of artworks, successful or not successful.
  5. We will be using photographs from the exhibition and work in progress photos to keep in our record and use in our publicity and social media.


  1. Last date of application & proposal: 12 Feb 2024
  2. Announcement of groups: rolling basis
  3. Project starts: According to Artists
  4. Project work time: 25 Jan 2024 to 24 Feb 2024 
  5. Send progress photos to CAS: 19 Feb 2024
  6. Final artwork submission date: 02 March 2024
  7. Exhibition: 4 March 2024 [tentative]