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Atlantis 2030
3.8ft x 3ft x 4.8ft

Material used:
Sculpture. Materials; Cardboard, hot glue (+fevicol and super glue), wire, cellophane paper, acrylic paint, and x-acto knife/ scissors.

The artwork highlights the terrible implications of humanity’s disregard for the environment, capturing the urgent message of climate change and global warming. The work uses a powerful visual metaphor to show how a menacing wave has turned the world upside down, signifying the grave danger that environmental degradation poses. Viewers are forced to face the harsh truth of our actions and the urgent need for change as a result of this striking imagery. There’s a ray of hope among the chaos, a reminder that consciousness can lead us to constructive answers. The upside-down metropolis serves as an upsetting reminder of the consequences for society stemming from our negligence, demonstrating how our own actions have turned the world upside down. The artwork challenges us to acknowledge the reality of our ecological catastrophe and work toward a more sustainable future, with the impending wave standing in for the weight of our effect.

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20 days ago

My vote for atlantis, rest of the displays had either plastic pots in the frame or plastic seems new for the sculpture etc generating new waste. This one sculpture used more than 80% waste and deserve to be acknowledged. Best wishes

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