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    Stree Shakti Sthal
    7.5ft X 5ft

    Material used:
    Refrigerator carton, cane basket, plastic bottles, cardboard corrugated sheet, wooden box, Paper plates, colour papers, plain paper and poster paint

    “Stree Shakti Sthal” is an innovative and inspiring sculpture project led by a dedicated team of students committed to promoting body positivity and women’s empowerment. It portrays a beautiful blend of the inner and outer beauty of women. The sculpture aims to showcase the strength, resilience, and achievements of women from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Through a series of interconnected elements, each uniquely crafted to represent a variety of ethnicities and abilities, the sculpture illuminates the contributions of women in various fields and celebrates their successes. The use of recyclable materials, such as repurposed plastic bottles and sheets, cane basket and cardboard, not only aligns with the project’s eco-friendly mission but also serves as a powerful metaphor for transformation and renewal. The design of the sculpture incorporates symbolic elements – metallic colours representing achievements in fields like space research.

    The Chandrayaan-3 team was mostly made up of women scientists, it is also a salute to astronauts like Kalpana Chawla, Valentina Tereshkova… who broke gender barriers to venture into space. Faces of the moon symbolize the diverse phases of a woman’s life. They are the daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, a career woman, a homemaker and an Independent woman in every phase. Folk art motifs honour cultural heritage and resilience. We used Lippan Art and Pichwai painting in this sculpture. Around the world folk art is mainly done by women on the walls of the house – take African art on Adobe houses, Warli painting and Madhubani painting on outer and inner walls of houses in India. These unique and beautiful pieces of Art, laboriously done with patience showcase the quality of women to persevere, overcome and finish whatever challenge they face in life. Lotus motifs symbolize beauty and divinity.

    During the marriage functions in some Indian states, the bride is not allowed to step on the ground but carried onto the Mandap on a basket or a wooden stool on which she is seated, as at that time she is considered Goddess Laxmi. In India we often hear this sentence “Ghar ki Laxmi.” The Cane basket as the seat of the Lotus serves this purpose. In Australian art too string bags and baskets were used in ceremonies for religious and ritual needs. Moulding the plastic bottles over the flame to make the base decoration is a direct reminder that every woman is beautiful, the circumstances shape her uniqueness. Like a beautiful Lotus emerges from the murky waters, so also Women have the power to overcome all the difficulties and emerge victorious. In Egypt ‘Isis’ is the Goddess of women, motherhood, fertility and royal power, In India she is Goddess ‘Durga.’ “Mission Shakti” a project implemented by the govt of India is aimed at strengthening interventions for women safety, Security and empowerment. The girl/women seated cross legged in the cane basket inside the Lotus deserves to be treated like a Goddess, a Queen, she has the ‘Shakti’ the power to shape her future. She feels safe inside the walls that have the look and strength of steel outside and yet have the beauty and softness of the folk paintings inside.

    “Stree Shakti Sthal” is more than just a sculpture; it is a testament to the potential of art to drive positive change. It is a beacon of hope and inspiration, demonstrating how art can be a powerful tool for social change. It stands as a tribute to the resilience, beauty, and diversity of women, encouraging us all to embrace our uniqueness and stand together in solidarity. Through the power of art this sculpture conveys a profound message of self-love, acceptance, and the strength of women, all while championing sustainability, through the use of recyclable materials. This sculpture is not only a visual representation of women’s strength and beauty but also a functional community seating area designed to celebrate the multifaceted roles of women. It can be opened out and enlarged to include two or more Lotus seats, depending on the requirement.

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